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Originally Posted by VeganGirl View Post
Police have better things to do then stoping stupid people on Internet forums from scamming lol, this will not be reported to the police but just be here as a simple warning to people on this forum

If you are interested in reporting internet related crimes I suggest you visit the ic3 website and report it there instead of your local authorities
I concur the police will do nothing. You should however report the guys to the Mods so they can be banned. It does not prevent them from just making another account but at least let's them know the forum is onto them so they may just go away.

When anybody responds to a WTB thread you should check out their stats before doing much of anything else. In Jake's case he made the profile on July 6 so we can presume it was for the simple act of replying to the request. Daul had one post right when he joined in March and coincidently enough it was just to say a PM was sent in response to a WTB thread. Now of course that does not mean that anybody that responds needs to have 100s of posts but in both those cases their out of the blue responses with no other activity should set off all sorts of red flags.
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