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Teach me Haltech

I bought a Kpower Industries K24 swap kit. It comes with a base tune. I will be running ID1050x injectors, a Haltech flex fuel system, a GM air temperature sensor, 4bar map sensor and a turbo with an EBC, so I need to make some modifications to the base tune to even crank it over, and I don't know if this is a locked or unlocked tune, meaning will I need to start from scratch or can I build on the tune? That may be a question for Kpower, but irregardless, the car would need to be tuned, as this base tune isn't enough, even if the car was stock/NA.

Coming from ECUTEK, I know how to upload and update the software, datalog and flash an etune--pretty basic stuff, and that is all. I planned on having the car etuned in the same way, so I could get the car running and get the basic systems sorted and vetted before hitting a dyno versus towing a car to a dyno only to realize the car needs work. Sounds reasonable, right? That also means paying for an etune and a dyno tune, which is fine, but I'd rather have more money going into a dyno tune if etuning something into a limp mode is even something I could accomplish with some help.

Is Haltech sophisticated enough that I can just load up the new hardware in some type of drop down menus, put it into a learning mode for street tuning and then have it capable of getting me down the highway (as off boost as I can accomplish) to the dyno tuner, or am I correct in assuming that I will need to provide the hardware specs to the tuner, have him build an etune, and then I will get the car down the road to the dyno?

Thanks in advance.

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