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There’s really not too much to getting the cross member out. Should be able to undo engine mount nuts from cross member, support engine, undo bolt for swaybar to end link each side, undo 4 bolts each side on frame mount brackets drop sway bar assembly, remove nut/bolt from lower suspension arm assembly on both sides, and then remove the 4 bolts from cross member assembly and drop cross member.

I wouldn’t trust working around a jack with engine overhead (especially with cross member out) if no access to hoist I would jack car up 2” after remove mount nuts put something real stable,sturdy, and solid under oil pan to support it and slowly drop csr back down on stands. Should get engine off mounts without using jack.

Also as mentioned would be odd to have that be the only failure/issue.

Also full disclaimer I haven’t done this. But looking around under there it really doesn’t look to hard.
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