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Originally Posted by glamcem View Post
you sir did an amazing job comparing the two cars and it's a very valuable since it comes from someone who actually owns both of these cars .. the rumors and BS on internet makes me wanna puke at times know like the comments start with "I know a guy who knows a guys who owns an S2K"

This is exactly what I am trying to say about our cars, without the FI they're so underpowered (well maybe not for a 17 yo)..

I never owned an S2K but I had a chance to drive my friends car back in days and I loved the involvement and the driver centric feeling of the car like you mentioned

all that said, I seriously considered getting an S2K but the lack of the backseats and inability to fit the extra set of wheels/tires for the track days were bummer :/ I might consider getting one in the future though..
thanks again for all the effort for making this video
Thanks for the kind words. I share your same feelings. If you have to have one or the other you get the 86 as it will do more for you if you plan on making it a daily driver.

As a daily driver the S2000 is well, horrible.

You can't truly appreciate the S2000 until it becomes that second car. The car that just does what it was designed to do.
Honda's best obtainable sports car for those who love to drive.
(Assuming you fit in it)
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