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Originally Posted by Reason View Post
So, here I am a year later, unhappy with the beast in my driveway. I miss having a simple, light drivers car with great controls and a low powered engine. I miss being able to actually drive a car hard without worrying about being arrested. So, now i'm looking at trading this car back in on a twin. I don't know why I didn't just make my FR-S a bit faster and a bit less stupid, but I can honestly say that there is precious little else out there for reasonable money that is such a pure driving machine. The Mustang is a great car for what it is, and Ford is doing a good job but it is not a drivers car. It's a mass market weekend pleasurer with a fantastic engine.

I caution anyone who is considering a trade in to know that you are stepping away from one of the purest drivers cars, at any price.

Thanks for reading.
Interesting read... I kind of had a similar but kind of opposite thing going on myself.

I did hear about the frs/brz before launch too... and thought it would be great, but I had been longing for the mustang for years...

I almost bought a 2010 GT, then an 11 GT... I was more in love with how it looked than how it drove. Buying one would entail suspension mods at the very least... and a $10k transmission swap in a brand new car at the worst... and yeah, the brakes are spongy... and the steering vague... the car gets squirrely if you push it ..

I'de gone through the motions at the Ford dealer a few times... always letting the deal fall apart in the end over the trade in amount, or something...

When they brought back the grabber blue for 2017 I was somewhat interested again... but I was still conflicted. See.. our everyday car was a 2013 Ford Edge... easily worst car I've ever owned. I really didn't want to spend BMW money AGAIN on something that would be unfixably broken all the time... and smell like CAT PISS every time it rained... so I figured I should go check out that car that little 'underpowered' car that Subaru and Toyota built. I went to the Toyota dealer, test drove it and bought it on the spot.

Not looking back... No more Fords.
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