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Scammers on this forum and how to catch them

Hello guys,

Recently I had made a post in the member classifieds buy request section of the forum that I was searching for a used KraftWerks SC kit ready to pay 2500. Upon posting this I got a PM from 2 people stating that they had a KraftWerks kit ready to ship. I had replied to both pms with my phone number and asked for more information.

After receiving pics etc I quickly did a reverse image search and found that both people were attempting to scam me.

So I want to make this thread about these scammers and teach you guys 2 easy tips to find out if someone is trying to scam you or not. You may already know about these but if you don't then they can definitely be useful especially if you are going to make a purchase online.

Guy #1 Contacted me via pm:

All I did was save this image, go to google and find out that he took them from a diffent persons post and photoshopped his name into the paper.
The thread he stole the images from is here back in 2014:

Here is how you can do an easy reverse image search.
Go to then hover over the search bar and click the little camera. Then you can upload the picture. Scroll through and see if that picture has been used elsewhere.

After scrolling to the bottom I found this:

Now the second tip will come from another guy that tried to scam me. So This guy had PMed me that he was selling a super charger kit and I asked him to PM me more information to my phone. After doing a reverse image search I found found out that he was also a scammer and took the photos from a different thread as well.

After doing a reverse image search I was brought to this post:

Another tip:

Using facebook to check if someone is legit. So most people put there real phone number when signing up on facebook and you can actually just type their phone number in the address bar to find their profile. This could help verify if someones story is legit(e.g. seeing the parts on their car in previous pictures e.g.)

This is what it would look like when you type their phone number in the address bar. I used my boyfriends profile as an example.

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