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Originally Posted by spitfire481 View Post
start off by throwing the stock twins in the trash. they are almost always blown/ leaking oil and every vacuum line disintegrates when we take them off of used dropout engines. It also is a packaging nightmare with those things installed. So much easier to build and work on with a single.

If you don't do a drive by wire throttle body, you have to come up with some way to retrofit a cable pedal in the car.

our ecu, software, basemap and wiring harness controls everything in the car that was stock. cluster, fuel pump controller, fan controller, hvac, abs, push button start, stock gas pedal, traction control buttons, etc.

pretty much every trans requires heavy modifications to the floor
I respect your experience and opinion, but not everyone has the coin to drop another $4-5k on a single conversion. When I did my NA to TT swap on my MKIV Supra, I removed all the vacuum lines, actuators and butterflies that control the sequential setup. Low end response is lost, but so is the torque dip that occurs when the second turbo actuates. That might be the way to go if the engine is low enough miles.
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