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Originally Posted by PacManTheRS1.0 View Post
Hey everyone, im looking into getting a new set of tires for the stock 17 rims that have 215s on right now. I want something beefier so the rear wheels are almost flush and for a little better cornering. Any suggestions?
For instance 225s on all four corners, or are 245s possible?
I put 225 PS4S's on my stock 7" rims and like the results. The understeer was gone and it tracked very well on corners. The ride was also slightly improved over the stock 215 Primacies. There is a slight difference, however, in the speedo as at 60 mph you are actually going about 61 mph. I can live with that. Those rims are too narrow for a good fit with 245's. In addition, putting on 245's will not give you any better performance. The big difference is the quality of the tire. The PS4S is a much better performance tire. I chose the 225 over the 215 because the PS4S tends to have a slightly narrower tread width than the Primacies. Given the fit of the 225's on my rims, I certainly would not go wider.
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