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Originally Posted by szjalo View Post
Hi all, very new here. I have a 2014 Scion FRS auto. recently noticed when the car is idling at working temperature with AC on, I can periodically (about every 7-10sec) hear the fan/compressor kicks in and makes a rather loud noise for couple secs. normally my car idles stably at 650rpm. whenever the compressor/fan noise comes alone, the rpm would jump to 900-1k, then quickly drops back within couple seconds, then repeat. Also a noticeable vibration on the steering wheel.

I brought my concern to the dealership but every time they tried to convince me this is normal. Is it really a normal phenomenon? Should this be regarded as rough idling?

Thank you a ton in advance!
Hi szjalo and welcome to our forum -

What your car is doing is quite normal. When the AC compressor engages, that puts an extra load on the engine and the engine increases in rpm to deal with the extra load (so it won't die). Then, the rpms settle back.

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