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Recorded some logs but it won't let me save the .csv file- looking at it though seems like my STFT is stablish at either -2 to -5, 0 or +2 to 4. LTFT was stable between -8 to -3 for the entire 20 mins of logging. AFR was at 12 on 4k RPM (logging ended literally half way though the 2-6k RPM pull)

Just began hearing a cricket sound from the engine bay during idle, don't know if I hear it when driving- is this that fuel pump related issue? and is it caused from the ethanol? I do remember seeing other people have this issue but thought that was caused from normal gas, and ethanol got rid of the chirp.

IE is the cricket sound harmless and just something you come to expect when running e85

I've only driven 20km since tuning to e85 so could this issue fix itself? Definitely not a coincidence that my car begins chirping on the 2nd start up after switching to ethanol

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