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Did I tune e85 correctly

Read the posts about it, just want an actual person to tell me if i've done it right or not so I can drive in peace. Wish I hit the log record button but don't really know how to use the OFT logging yet.
(was on stage 2+ uel OFT base tune)

Drove until the low fuel light came on, filled up almost immediately. Thought it would take awhile for the LTFT and STFT to change since I filled up right as the light came on and didn't run it down further. Almost as soon as I pulled out of the gas station my STFT went from around -1 to -5 all the way up to +15-20 then was bouncing around, I kept driving around at low speeds (maybe 2-3kms) until the LTFT finally changed and went into positive numbers, when I pulled over to tune the car I think the LTFT and STFT were both around +5- +7, they were still bouncing around abit but not a whole lot.

I tuned it at that stage since my phone was almost dead and I was paranoid the car wouldn't start and i'd be stuck. Loaded up the tune, it's a stage 2 e85 tune from Wayneroms. Drove home (about 7km distance), STFT was anywhere between +5 - 15 and the LTFT was around 0- +1- +5.
My AFR is around 12-14:1 when i'm cruising at 2-3k RPM

I'm thinking I might of done it too early? Just thought something was wrong when my STFT went all the way up to +20- +25. Or am I all good to keep driving around below 3k for a few days and it'll settle.

(On a plus side the guy at the gas station asked if my 86 was a Porche GT3RS which i'll take as a compliment)
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