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Originally Posted by Xaftos View Post
Alright final post regarding this issue which seems to have been resolved in a much easier fashion than I expected. So my main goal with all of this was to modify my ROM to allow my car to backfire, which it pops once when shifting at high RPM but that's about it. More pops when releasing the accelerator would be nice. Any idea how to accomplish this given this table? I don't think the numbers on the left side are supposed to be that high, but hell do I know? What numbers should I change to accomplish this?

Every rom calid has tables in differnt locations, you cannot just change the calid in a def and expect it to work.

This is an easy way to brick your ecu.

Please read the Romraider tips link below.

Only use the KOOD def that came​ with your tune from shiv, if you did not get a def from shiv then you will need to ask him for the correct def
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