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Originally Posted by jthornton1993 View Post
This is in the same Price range as a Hellcat pushing 707hp. This is IMO crap.
Originally Posted by Badasi12b View Post
$60,000!?!?!? Are they serious!? That's a 2015 Corvette a 2015 Z28 Camaro and a Challenger HELLCAT!!!!
It is total crap!! For $60,000 you could almost buy a VW Phaeton!! ZOMG!!!!

Maybe a muscle car coming up in some people's minds instead of a Porsche means they probably bought the wrong car.

That said, for the money I do think it's unfortunate that they cut some obvious corners on this. It's obvious based on the limited 100 units and Japan only sales that this might be a move to get the 86 into certain racing classes.

I hope part#'s do eventually show up.
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