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Originally Posted by Thorpedo View Post
@Shiv@Openflash I know you said you will be releasing a video this week, but we want answers nowww!!! :p

How many data streams can it monitor simultaneously and provide alerts for? For things like AFR, will it watch the load as well to know that it shouldnt beep for high afr while off throttle?

Awesome work BTW.
You can configure up to 3 different Tuning Alerts. And each Tuning Alert can have up to 4 conditionals that can be set as an OR or AND condition. For available channels, it will be a subset of the up-to-14 channels you configured for data logging/viewing. So if you wanted to create a lean run alert, you would do something like this in one of the 4 Tuning Alert menus:

Throttle > 70%
Engine Speed > 2000rpm
Engine Load > 1.0
AFR > 13.0


With these settings, the alert would trigger if all of those conditions were met. The throttle and engine load conditions would keep the alert from triggering during lean spikes caused by lift throttle or traction control intervention. And the RPM condition would keep it from triggering at very low RPM where AFR can be a bit unstable. The AND setting makes sure that ALL of these conditions must be true for the alert to sound. If you used an OR setting, only one of these conditions would have to be true for the alert to sound.

You must be in the Realtime Data screen for the Tuning Alerts to work. You can be in any one of the 3 viewing options (14 channel, 3 channel or graphic). One the alert triggers, the OFT will beep and the flash the screen. After that the triggered channels will flash. To reset the channel flashing, simply press the RESET button.

To create a good Tuning Alert for low Advance Mult, you can simply set up a second Tuning Alert using just one single conditional.:

Advance Multiplier < 0.5

For a good Tuning Alert for overboost, overheat and knock, you can set up a 3rd conditional like this using an OR setting (so only one single condition needs to be true for the alert to trigger):

Boost > 10psi
Coolant Temp > 240
Knock Correction < -3.0

Pretty awesome, huh?

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