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36. Connect fuel supply line
 Connect the water pump loom via the adapter connectors to one of the fuel injector connectors.

it piggy backs off one of the fuel injector connections with the supplied adapter cable.

I found the instructions to be pretty well detailed and thorough, just need to slowly go through each step one by one, make sure you read everything and complete everything before moving onto the next step. I also advise to read the entire install manual cover to cover before even starting, then going back from the beginning so you have an idea of whats going on. If you do you should have a good install. but it is easy to skip around or assume you know what to do or where something goes, or start not reading thoroughly and miss something. That's when people start having issues after install.

Also you can read and reference this for any other questions. I think the manual was updated to be much more clear since he wrote this, but some of it may help you still.
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