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Originally Posted by Red-86 View Post
I actually think that would be a pretty good idea from a marketing standpoint, as the Celica name would have more brand recognition than ‘86’ and it would once more mean Toyota has a ‘Supra’ and ‘Celica’ sports car lineup, like their halo sports car years of the 80s and 90s. But we already know the gen2 is called a ‘GR 86’ as Toyota already trademarked that name, so the fake news is clearly off in the weeds.
i remember they said the same thing about the 1st gen, that it was gonna be Celica in the states lol.. 86 vs Celica, idk. we shall see soon.

not saying its gonna happen with the 86, but it's not unheard of for Toyota to change the name of a model at the last min. the E210 debut in Europe as "Auris", but to only have Toyota changed it to "Corolla".

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