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Originally Posted by Red-86 View Post
Why are they calling it an 86 ‘Celica’ in the vid title? Odd. On a related note, Toyota have renewed their trademark on the Celica name... which could just be them protecting the name, or could indicate a new model in the next few years. If so, sadly, more likely to be a crossover SUV monstrosity (as Mitsubishi did with the Eclipse Cross).
I dont think toyota would sully their Celica name as an SUV.
They've already got so many names and name variants from their more generic models.

-They have a Yaris cross which is a small yew gen yaris based crossover that doesnt look like a Yaris except on the inside.
-Theres a Corolla Cross which looks like a shrunken Rav4 with a Corolla interior.
-They have the CH-R which is a stylish Crossover wagon/hatch thing.
-Then theres the Rav4
-Theres the Venza
-Theres Highlander and a rumored larger Grand Highlander (based on a trademark filing)
-They have the Sequoia still i think.
-They also have Rav4, and the Land Cruiser.
-Not to mention other overseas models like Fortuner, Innova, etc.

They almost have the entire SUV/crossover space filled out with product.
Theres really no room for another SUV which they could name Celica....

Mitsubishi on the otherhand i think was desparate, as their product was becoming uncompetitive and becoming SUV only and they needed something to attract customers and probably hoped that the Eclipse name was enough to bring in some traffic.
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