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Originally Posted by Ohio Enthusiast View Post
Finally, I wonder why nobody said it before, but what about an I6 Miata? It would probably be a little nose-heavy…
Understatement of the year! You’d have to significantly increase the wheelbase to make the nose much longer, AMG GT style, to retain ideal mid front engine balance! Otherwise it would handle like a nose heavy dog.

a high-revving N/A I6 would be magical.
Sure, but the MX-5 has never been a 6 cylinder and there is no chance of it happening now, near the end of ICE era. It has always been a 4 pot and the next engine type is likely a hybrid 4 followed eventually by a full EV (if Mazda keep making it by then).

The only realistic but still very slim opportunity I can see for getting Mazda’s new I6 into a new RWD coupe is for them to ‘re-imagine’ the RX-Vision concept and ditch the rotary in favour of this I6 engine. The RX-V had a nose more than long enough to accommodate a long I6 block whilst maintaining front mid engine balance. It would be awesome, a new Z and Supra competitor from Mazda. But I think it is not likely.
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