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2015 07X WRB vs 2013 02C WRB (Updated World Rally Blue Color)


The new '15 World Rally Blue paint code is 07X. Here are some comparison pics with 02C (BRZ with gold wheels):

Original Post:

Pretty sure the new '15 World Rally Blue BRZ will have the new World Rally Blue paint chip (code K7X) found on the '15 WRX/STI (versus World Rally Blue paint code 02C on current BRZs). Not sure how valid the following is but according to this:
The new paint code for the '15 WRB WRX is K7X. From what I have been told the paint is tri-color, which is a pain in the ass. A local body shop told me if I wanted to have indvidual pieces painted, such as the fog covers, there is a slim chance the color will match exactly. The old WRB was base-clear. This paint has a base, a shading coat on top, and then the clear. This is not good...
This intrigued me so I've collected a few shots of both blues next to each other. Mind that I've had my BRZ more than two years but I hardly see the difference (though I'm slightly colorblind ). At least the new blue still looks

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