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Originally Posted by Spektyr View Post
Another thing to keep in mind: the car actually measures how quickly you go from the throttle to the brake, and how quickly you press the brake down.

Quick/aggressive/panicked transition to brakes, especially with quick application of the brakes amplifies the response of the braking system. The idea is that if you're driving and suddenly need to hit the brakes to avoid an accident the car will apply the brakes harder/faster that way.

The result is you go right to ABS levels of braking.

I had a situation where I was alongside a car at 75mph on the highway approaching construction. Traffic in her lane was stopped, mine was open, and we reached the point where it became apparent she wasn't paying any attention at all. I braked "moderately" and shifted to the left shoulder to give her room to escape the impact via the left lane and the car basically stood on its nose to stop. (She never touched the brakes or noticed the car she slammed into.)

The aggro braking system pulled us up about 10-15 feet short of the debris field.

But on a race track you're going to want the ABS turned off.
I did not think I hit ABS activation while on track. RT660 was warmed up before I went full throttle/brake on track. I did not notice any lockup or computer tried to intervene my brake input. I don’t slam on the brake on the track like an emergency situation, all my inputs were smooth.

The tracks I went to don’t require trail braking. So I always brake in a straight line.
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