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Final Phase - Speaker Input

So I plan to use the Magnuson-Moss version ("MM") as a source for speaker input wires (and amp turn on) to the AudioControl ("AC") d-6.1200. The MM will serve as the "sacrificial wire loom" and I'll make the connection at the head unit ("HU") with Positap connectors.

I plan to use these RCA "lollypop" connectors at the AC. My objective in using these connectors is to retain the HU phase control.

Before starting the AC for the first time, I'll use the AC usb cord to update the AC firmware.

I did invest in 0/1 Kolossus Fleks awg wire to the power block in the trunk at which point 4 awg wire is used to power the AC and sub amp. I did "cheap out" with the sub amp going with the Blaupunkt 1500W 1-Channel, Monoblock Amp for $55.

Does the plan to use the MM as a source for speaker input seem reasonable? Thanks in advance.

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