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Speaker Input

I'm having a problem with speaker input. The source of the problem is that the speaker wiring system of the 2020 Toyota 86 is not compliant with the E.I.A (Electronics Industry Association) as presented on the back of the Scosche packaging.

Questions: Is it possible to use a Scosche TA02B harness and connect it to the original factory plug that was providing speaker input to the original factory amp? If so, how do I configure the TA02B harness?

I attempted to do this and the result was that the Green and Violet wires are on a separate 4 pin TA02B plug. Consequently, I decided to follow FR-S2GT86 advice and use the wires attached to the head unit to provide speaker input for the AudioControl d-6.1200. The problem I ran into here was that there was no Green wire which according to E.I.A. is used for the left rear speaker.

An inspection of the left rear speaker shows a Violet and a Blue wire attached to the left rear speaker. This concerns me because the Blue wire is for the remote amp turn on.

I successfully completed FR-S2GT86's "Magnuson-Moss" Version.
My recollection is that this allowed for the factory amp to power the door speakers. So that is the current state of the head unit.

The Good News is that a 0/1 awg power cable has been acquired. The AudioControl amp, a sub amp, the Sony speaker crossovers, external fuses, and a power block have been mounted to secure shelf in the trunk. A Rockford Fosgate sub has been installed in a Basser Box in the right trunk cavity. The Sony XS 162ES speaker system has been successfully installed. I'm confident that the speaker output is configured correctly. The only holdups now are the above speaker input issue and the delivery of 0/1 ring terminals.

I'm considering a D.I.Y. post of this project for non-professionals interested in upgrading the 86 multi media system. Of course, this will depend on a successful completion of this endeavor.

Any help on this speaker input issue would be greatly appreciated.
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