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^very good call on watching out on CCA. it's crap.

i mostly use knukonceptz wiring, specifically, the 'Kolossus Fleks', as it's one of the few that walks that fine line between being good quality, and cheaper due to a lack of overzealous marketing wank.

Originally Posted by blueskiesgreenlights View Post
I purchased an installer kit that has a 4 awg power line. I was planning on powering the sub amp by serially linking it to the amp at the trunk. Is a 4 awg wire sufficient for this? If not, what size power wire would be appropriate?

I wasn't aware of power splitters. I'll look for one with a fuse.
wire size is going to be entirely dependent on the sum of the power of the amplifiers used.

use this handy-dandy chart as a guideline. but if in doubt, run bigger.

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