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2020 86 Stock Amp Specs & Stereo Upgrade


I recently purchased a 2020 86 Hakone and love everything about the car with two exceptions. First, I'm disappointed with the sound system even after successfully completing FR-S2GT86's amp fix - thanks, by the way, for that outstanding DYI post.

Second, I'm the second owner and the previous owner installed a tolerably loud exhaust system. I assume that it adds a few horses and maybe even improves MPG but it is noisy enough for me to add a sound deadening project to my future tasks. I'm hoping an application of this stuff on the floorboard, doors, and rear wheel wells will allow me to hear the tweeters mentioned below.

This task will be added because I'm re-thinking the car's multimedia system. My immediate concern is the specs on the oem amp mounted in the trunk. Since I'm satisfied with the low end sounds of the door mounted subs I'm considering relocating them to replace the 3.5" speakers in the back seat. Of course, I'll have to cut the panels to accommodate the larger door speakers but as this will likely be my viking ship I'm not worried about resale value.

Since I don't know how the system will sound once it is completed I'm interested in the stock oem specs in the event I decide to replace the oem door speakers, use a spare wheel sub setup or some other space saving solution.

My theory is that the current setup lacks mid-range and the tweeters are weak. Therefore, I purchased a set of Sony XS 162es to address these issues. The Sony allows for a bi-amp setup and I'm inclined to go this route.

Since I'm satisfied with the HU I'm thinking about an Audio Control L7i or AC DQ-61 along with an after market amp. Any suggestions on this?

I know that the above subjects could easily be divided into several posts but in exchange for your tolerance I'll provide a follow up on this relatively low budget upgrade.
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