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Originally Posted by kopecma View Post
I have experience with this situation.

I brought my car in for the valve spring recall about a month ago. After the recall work was performed, the #3 rod bearing failed while the service department was doing their test drive. The dealer claims everything went fine with the recall work and that it must have been a random rod bearing failure. They ask Toyota for a replacement short block, which was eventually approved despite the car being 5 months out of the powertrain warranty window. Fast-forward 25 days and the car is ready. The dealer claims Toyota wonít cover the labor for the replacement of the short block. Angry, I call Toyota customer service who promptly refers me back to the dealer. The dealer offers to discount their labor rate slightly but Iím still stuck with a bill for nearly 20% of the value of the car (spark plugs, tob and pressure plate were replaced as well). Granted, itís a cheap price to pay for a new short block, but sticking the customer with the bill when the failure was almost certainly related to the recall work and the car was still in the dealerships possession is a great way to ensure I donít shop there in the future.

If people are considering have the valve spring recall performed I would strongly recommend discussing with your service advisor which party is financially responsible if another failure occurs as a result the recall work before handing over your keys.

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That sucks and is why I am concerned. Did they give a reason why #3 rod failed????
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