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Originally Posted by BRZnut View Post
True but I think we all agree the chance of a broken spring is small. The chance that a broken spring will happen at the exact time to put you in an accident is even smaller.

I am with you and going to wait a bit to see how this all plays out!

The accident would come as a result of the failed engine. Pull the EPS fuse and go for a drive if you want to simulate the experience of not having power steering. I just did this last week and was shocked at how difficult it is. People think of PS as a luxury when itís nearly mandatory on our car due to the 13:1 ratio. Old cars without PS had ratios to accommodate. Even at a roll this car is super hard to steer. A quick reaction to avoid an accident would be hard especially if you unexpectedly lost it. I agree the chance of failure is low but the chance of an accident if it failed is higher than you would think.
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