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Originally Posted by ermax View Post
But that would risk a lawsuit if someone got hurt. Seems they have added more risk then they had just leaving it alone though. There are more reports of dead engines from the recall than there have been of actual spring failures. Although the liability may be offloaded from Subaru to the dealer if the dealer does the recall, the engine dies and they get in a wreck. We all know a bearing doesn’t fail because you replaced the valve springs unless the dealer makes a mistake.

I plan to do mine eventually. I talked to a neighbor that had his done and it took them a week. They said it was the first one they have done. So I think I will hold of a few months.
True but I think we all agree the chance of a broken spring is small. The chance that a broken spring will happen at the exact time to put you in an accident is even smaller.

I am with you and going to wait a bit to see how this all plays out!
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