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Hey Matt,

I've seen you on Instagram and it seems like you're making good progress on your site and such. I'm going to agree with what others have said here about venues.

1. Autocross, and really all motorsports venues in general, are the biggest problem in the racing world. There's nowhere near enough sites for autocross, they get shut down constantly due to noise complaints, and racing in general just has a bad stigma with the general public. Even though all the people I've met at autocross have been amazing people who are always happy to help others in any way possible we're still treated like a nuisance by those who don't share our passion.

Up here in the Northwest we've lost about 30% of one site due to imminent domain claims to build a road through the venue (and will likely lose the entire venue once they start putting homes in next to that road). We also just nearly lost our best site (Packwood, maybe you know of it?) to a public auction. The site is an abandoned lumber mill that has something like 30-40 acres of open pavement but at any time someone might buy that land and kick us out.

Tracks have the same issues but they're magnified even more as far as sound goes since tracks usually operate 5-7 days a week. The local track in my area (Pacific Raceways) has had to fight in committee and council meetings every year to keep operating because they keep building homes next to the track, people buy the homes, and then those people complain about the noise even though the track was there decades before them.

2. Right now we're doing the only thing we can do to remedy this. Search for new sites and keeping our fingers crossed that we don't lose our existing ones.

3. Why it doesn't work... Simple. Sites don't exist, we don't have support from the SCCA or any other organized body for developing/finding new sites, and we have absolutely no organized support to petition regional/national governmental bodies for legislation that supports our hobbies.

This is a problem that's been on my mind for quite some time and I often wish I could just win a Powerball drawing, build my own damn autocross venue / track, and be done with it. If only life were that easy, right?

I think with all the technology and startups in the world today there's got to be some way to figure out how to gather all racing enthusiasts around the country into some organized body, crowd fund some grass roots motorsports facilities, and lobby government for favorable legislation.

Care to volunteer?

-LocustEvoX / Joey
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