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Originally Posted by swe-gt86 View Post
Well guys, as comes to mr visconti i trusted him when i send him this log and he told me "It looks good"... Luckily for him hes not living in my small country. Ive driven this car like this since i got this in july. Think my engine need some new spark plugs and coilpacks atleast... Yes the fuel was pure e85, they dont mix e85 on summers.. Thanks for your help guys.

I think your best bet is go to to a local tuner.

Looking on ecuteks website these folks should be able to help you out

JRM Racing AB
Mpart AB
ProMotech AB
Trollspeed AB

I have dealt with TrollSpeed Personally with my Saab(been to trollhattan) and I have heard of JRM so I think maybe if youa re close to any of these people start there. Remote tuning is also very nice with the right people which I know people on this forum will be able to help as well.
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