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Originally Posted by 2020BRZtS View Post
Looks great! I've been preparing to wrap my other car and watching videos to learn before I dive in. There is actually a tool to assist with stretching over the mirror. Quite pricey for one use. I wouldn't have even noticed it you didn't mention it.
Hey I appreciate the kind words man, really. I bought a little kit, heat gun, knife with extra blades, a plastic spatula thing and a wand thingy that helps get over lips and into cracks, but I really just use the heat gun and the knife. The spatula thing is useful for flat surfaces but over bumps and stuff itís hard to get the bubbles and wrinkles to disappear.

Honestly my last car, the mirrors were easier but seemed like they would be harder. I think I was a bit too much in a hurry and running out of vinyl. So I rushed it. Itís not very noticeable, of course I know itís there and thatís the worst part haha. But Iím gonna order some more, and Iíll redo both mirrors. probably 3M this time because I hear great things about them versus Vivid. I just need to find 3Ms version of texture exterior carbon fiber. But for now it will do.

Tomorrow Iím gonna wrap my gas door after work. I have a little material left. Enough for the door.

I did just like you say, watched a bunch of videos, canít remember the guys name but he has a vinyl shop and all of his videos are very informative. He shows techniques and explains how to fix mistakes, obviously he makes it look much easier than it really is.

People say itís easier to wrap a part connected to the car, but I tried and wasted many feet haha. Resorted to pulling the mirror covers off and doing it the hard way I suppose. Too afraid to break something or scratch the paint when trimming. Iíll get better, just like everything, good things take time. My last mirrors were spot on, so I know I can do better.

Obviously Iím gonna have to leave the gas door on this time due to the fact that it is riveted
I will take pictures and report back!
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