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Originally Posted by REDWINE FRS13 View Post
I had My recall done in Calgary Ab Canada and within 6 weeks , End of June , it died on me. My dealer has had the car ever Since. They say they are trying to communicate with Toyota Canada , as they want them to pay to fix it. As it was the dealer whom did the recall, found the debris in the oil pan/pickup tube, should they not be the ones to pay. I think they will eventually, they just feel maybe Toyota never gave proper instructions, IDK. I don't know a much about cars, but is this debris in the pickup tube the issue that caused the car to die ? One you tuber said it was, any thoughts , help ? Thanks all, Susan
Yes, if they found and admitted that debris was in the oil pick up tube then they either did not clean off the old sealant or did not apply the new sealant correctly when they took your engine apart.

I would not worry about who pays for the fix as long as it is not YOU!

Nice to see the dealer is being truthful with the oil pick up findings. What likely happened is that oil flow was reduced because of the debris in the screen and the engine did not get enough oil and was damaged.

Hope it works out...keep us updated.
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