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Originally Posted by WNDSRFR View Post
I know what mswbrz is saying.
Before the recall the first thing I would do whenever I started the car I would automatically push and hold the traction control button and drive the car like I stole it. I knew I could bounce it off the rev limiter or otherwise abuse the hell out of it and everything would be OK.
After I got it back from the recall I was scared to death every time I started the car that today would be the day that it blew up! I would very rarely go full throttle and would never go over 5,000 RPM.
Well, it's been 8,000 miles since then and I am finally starting to enjoy the car again. It finally registered in my peabrain that the car is fine and it's not going to blow up!
But in the meantime think of all the money I saved on gas and tires.
I rebuilt my engine and also worried like hell for a while. I've got about 13K miles since rebuilding and I am finally over it. I even listen to music while driving... sometimes.
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