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Originally Posted by Krawl View Post
So... we bought it. He came down further on the price. Now we have a starting point! Cosmetically, needs some work but that is okay. Mechanical, it seems in good shape to stat with.

It will need front and rear bumpers. I dont want to go wide body or anything. I assume the rear just needs to go back stock but what about the front? Is the OE the lightest option? I am not seeing to many non-wide body bumpers. Am I just missing something?

Oil cooler seems to be at the top of the list. What is the recommended one? I am good friends with Griffin Radiator. I need to text them and see if they have a radiator for the BRZ or if they want to custom build one. Guessing cooling is a big issue on these? What about a carbon fiber hood with vents? It could use a new hood to... and trunk... and maybe fenders. Lol. Thinking carbon there?
@Racecomp Engineering... you guys seem like the go to on suspension questions. I am about to pull the trigger on a set of front and rear while line poly bushings. What is a good set of track/street-ish adjustable coilovers?

As for the cage, thinking of building one or maybe doing the Cusco or Autopower route. Any opinions on the two?

Last... brakes. Is a BBK needed or is just upgrading to a good pad and a nice rotor (suggestions?) the way to go?

And yes, planning on swapping over all the fluids. More than likely AMSOIL.

Inspect what you have before you start buying things for suspension. Lots of good coilover options available. We have our own RCE Tarmac series built with KW but a couple other options also work well. Big question to answer before that is what kind and what size tire will you use. If the stock suspension is in okay shape, doing a track day on that can help you figure out what you want to improve.

BBK helpful and can save you money long term but is not required as long as you use good pads and fluid. I can also get you very nice and light 2 pc rotors for ~$1k but no huge need to get too fancy on rotors. Centric/Stoptech blanks work well and are cheap.

- Andrew
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