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Track Video: BRZ Passes worked Miata, unable to be passed by prepped s2000

My BRZ ran really well in this video below

This video was shot by a buddy of mine at the track. He was in his pretty well prepped s2000 with a very sexy carbon hood you can see in the video
I get sideways more than once if you watch closely. 4:22
My buddy said he tried and tried to pass me but couldnt, till ofcourse I let him and waive him by and pull off track at 9:42

I eat Miatas they are tasty and fun to watch.

( had a 'mechanical' and needed to get off track and get gas, it was our third session, I was running low or dont normally show such kindness unless you need to be let by cause youre faster than me)

The boxster that passes us all was well worked, I fought him off for a while but eventually took me on the straight.
I get sideways more than once if you watch closely.
Some turns I took wide as I am running stock sways and stickier tires, so to avoid scrubbing out side wheel I go wide for 'tire preservation' till I get coilovers..

[ame=""]S2000, Miata and Subaru BRZ(fr-s) at Friebird Raceway- BRZ beat both cars till I pulled off - YouTube[/ame]

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