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Originally Posted by NLSP View Post
That's unfortunate. I was actually kinda in the same boat for period of time too, but when I revised by damping settings with relation to my tire pressure and tire load index, it made a pretty significant difference in the ride and handling. So I've come to appreciate them now and realized it was me that didn't dial things in optimally.

What are your damping settings now? And what tire model, size, and pressures are you running?

On the topic of KW's, I previously owned a set of RCE (KW) Tarmac 0's with the optional Swift springs in the past. Going from memory, I don't know if I can say they were worth almost twice the price (for street and occasional autocross at least; don't have track experience with either set). I also didn't want to bother sending them back and forth down to the US for a rebuild when it came time for it, and they were a tad too stiff for me as a daily driver. But I'm sure KW V3 are more street-friendly.

Part of the reason why I went for the MeisterR's was the ability to just buy and replace the shocks when/if the time came, and just to experiment with my first-ever set of "cheap/entry-level" coilovers. So far, I am not disappointed after I dialed things in better.
Canít remember. I tried full soft, full hard, middle, a couple clicks above/below middle. Making them stiffer helps with constant radius turn movement but then the ride is too harsh. Too soft and itís keeps squirming side to side. I tried lowering the tire pressure to 34 psi and it did help a bit but then Iím losing that off the line acceleration. I ran 3 different tires and all 3 have issues, including the winter. The grippier the tire is, the worse the coils perform.

Whatís your setup?
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