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Originally Posted by 86click View Post
Hey yíall. I bought my car couple of months ago and Iím in love with it but also I donít wanna be left behind when Iím with my friends going for cruises or what not. Yeah I got into this car knowing itís gonna be slow but IK I can get it fast. Money is not the problem. I donít daily it. Iím. A truck driver and 23 years old so itís sitting at home. Only get it drive it on the weekends every couple weeks but I wanna have fun with it.

So I wanna build this car to be Fast. DONT SAY (you got the wrong car then) money isnít a problem. I donít really donít wanna engine swap. Feel like itís a huge headache but there is always a possibility.

So my question is.
ēWhat can I do to the car to get 300-350whp?
ēTurbo or Super charger with e85?
ēDo I need rebuild the engine with internal upgrades before going FI?
ēWhat parts I should get?
Fuel injectors, fuel pump, rebuilt transmission, Ect.

Thanks. Let me know what yíall got in mind.
You bought the wrong car.

No but honestly, that power level is accessible with both supercharging or turbocharging. But first, do you need it to be reliable at the track? Because that single factor, will nearly double the price of any forced induction setup. If not, it's much easier since a street car see's almost none of the abuse a track car will.
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