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Originally Posted by yablonskiy11 View Post
Hello! I am in need of HELP!

So my car keeps coming up with more issues before it just wouldn't turn over got it fixed and now I have an oil leak! It is very unusual at least for me I have basic knowledge about engines. I noticed the issue when I started smelling oil in the car and when I pulled over to a gas station I popped the hood and there were oil fumes, guessing it was oil burning off on the header cover? Anyway, I did some digging around in the engine bay looking for the source and it looked to seem like it was coming from the bad gasket on the front timing cover. So I went to Subaru got the gasket and replaced it properly applying the gasket where it needed to be. After that, I took it for a spin and no luck still had an oil leak somewhere, then I checked the cam plate, it also wore out so I replaced that with the Raceng cam plate, still no luck after I took if for a spin. I noticed that when I take it for a spin it only leaks at those times not when Im at home having someone rev the engine for me to see if I can spot where it would be squirting out of. If anyone has a clue of what to do, where to look, or what to do, please help
Front timing cover doesn't have a gasket. Do you see puddles toward the front or back of the motor? How many miles?

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