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Originally Posted by Boomerang View Post
Try exporting the csv file, that is how you save it.

Your fuel trims sound OK seeing you just changed to E85.

I always get the crickets at idle as soon as I change from petrol to E85, definitely for me the E85 breeds crickets. When I change back to 98 Fuel the crickets disappear after a tank or two.

Enjoy the extra grunt from E85
Thanks for that, good to hear it's not something to worry about aside from being annoying to hear. And yea already enjoying that extra grunt and the tune probably hasn't even settled fully. See how the wallet copes though with the $70 full tank costs.

For the data log, I did try to export but it wouldn't let me press the save button in an empty folder so not sure what's going on there. The button wasn't greyed out, just didn't do anything when I pressed it
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