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I've owned the car for 3 weeks and having completed 1100 kms here are some further thoughts.

But first an analogy.
When I'm drinking inexpensive wine I am not very critical. The rating is either enjoyable (cheap and cheerful), drinkable or it's getting poured down the sink. If I am drinking more expensive wine I become much more judgemental, I critique the wine with greater scrutiny. This same attitude extends to this car; it is not a premium car and I wasn't expecting miracles.
More importantly, I haven't test driven other cars so I don't have to trouble myself with "but it's not as good compared to...".

There will some comparisons with mum's former Yaris and the Peugeot 206gti I used to own. The BRZ might get a mention too.

Around corners the car is more fun than the Yaris but not as much fun as the Pug though it is faster than both. The Yaris exhibited no sign of playfulness, just eventual understeer (which is not surprising) and the Pug had awesome, beautiful lift-off oversteer. (In the wet the Pug was driven with caution for fear of spin. It happened a couple of times and I didn't want to repeat the experience.) I've not been trying very hard to get the Suzuki to oversteer given its cornering speed so at this point in time I'm saying it is closer in cornering style to the Yaris than the Pug. At medium speed the front points really well and understeer isn't an issue until unwise speeds. For a street car its cornering ability is more than enough. Before getting the car I was thinking that inside wheel spin was going to be an issue and while it occasionally makes itself known it hasn't been the problem I thought it was going to be. It's just as well as there is no LSD available.
The fitment of the KWs has been postponed until January.

I've mentioned this elsewhere but this car is the first auto I've owned. Surprisingly, I don't miss a manual box. I think it a little weird that I don't miss it but *shrug*

Tyres sometimes scrabble for traction from a standstill in the dry. There is quite a mid-range surge (relatively speaking) between 2k and 4k but power tapers off significantly after 5k rpm with a 6.2k redline. I like there are no pops and farts from the exhaust on gear change. I think that effect contrived and would become annoying quite quickly.
Fitting a silicone intake tube has made the engine noise almost non-existent. It is now incredibly quiet. I've had a quote for a single exit exhaust with a custom titanium muffler. This is slated for February if all goings according to plan.

A space saver spare is on the shopping list; I do not have high confidence in a bottle of sealant.

I think the car's biggest fault and it's not very major, more of a lance corporal, is the size of the petrol tank. It's only 37 liters. On an constant throttle the range is pretty good but I don't drive on a constant throttle around town. My current average fuel consumption is 8.9 liters/100kms, 31.7 Imperial mpg, 26.4 US mpg which is pretty ordinary.

The seat fits me well and is very supportive. I have seen some reviews where the seat is too narrow for the driver but I like the grippy feeling. Something I really, really like about the interior is the infotainment screen isn't stuck on top of the dash, it doesn't interfere with my line of sight. The steering wheel is cluttered with controls and while it makes ergonomic sense I prefer a steering wheel just for steering. More importantly the air con has analog controls.
Something that irks me (when I think of it) is the seat isn't perfectly set behind the steering wheel. I'm guessing the steering wheel is 10mm offset to the left of the centerline of the seat. I know this is not uncommon. It makes no difference to driving, it's the thought of it that bugs me.

The car is loaded with electronic safety features. Lane Departure Warning (permanently switched off), Autonomous Emergency Braking (switched off after every start), Pedestrian Detection (I haven't tested this) plus others. What gets me is the Owner's Manual gives a list for every safety feature for when it may not work as intended. There are 21!! reasons listed why the Blind Spot Monitor might not work.
Risk compensation at its best.

I was expecting a faster (non GR) Yaris but I wasn't expecting it to be this much fun.
My car is completely stock except for all the mods.

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