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Originally Posted by YamahaR86 View Post
I had the squeak. Took it in, fought the dealership because they didn't want to drop the transmission. They finally did and replaced the TOB. Issue happened again 1-2 weeks later.

Recently changed my clutch, flywheel, tob, fork and pivot. A lot of dirt and grime on the old stuff. Drove on the new stuff for 2k miles now and no squeaks.

Exactly, dealership replaced TOB twice and the noise keeps coming back. I feel better knowing that when I eventually replace the clutch, I can make the noise go away by re-lubricating everything inside. I just keep putting it off because I'm trying to extend the life of this clutch as much as possible lol thanks!

Originally Posted by Ultramaroon View Post
Nope. It's right there. The spray grease is too thin to do much for any length of time but it will help. Are you putting the tube down the front or the back? The pivot is at the back.

Tried this and it looks like the noise is gone for now, but probably temporarily, as you said. I think I'm gonna have to put some thicker heavy duty grease whenever I drop the trans to replace the clutch right? Thanks for your help.
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