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Scion Canada Tuner Challenge

The Tuner Challenge FR-S Edition is on. Three professional teams will use their creativity and expertise to create 3 custom FR-S performance machines. Over the course of a year, they’ll compete in 11 unique challenges – ranging from speed and handling to agility and more. Plus, they’ll compete for your support. Stay Tuned to catch all the action.

Anyone hear about this or following it? One of my close friends is working with the Top Tuner team. I got to check it out at CanJam this weekend while they were tearing apart a brand new FR-S. Lot's of plans for the FR-S and I'm honored to have access to the build. Got to take the car out for a spin to break it in a bit. Really can't wait till my own arrives..

I believe they brought it to the track this weekend too. We should be seeing these cars at CSCS, KPG and Touge track events, and finally Import Fest.
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