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this particular engine was obviously not designed for boost. it has 12.5:1 compression.

however it's a subaru engine, and they don't make new ones very often. i'm sure it was well understood during development that in some applications this engine would be boosted. of course now this has happened. i'm sure they made changes to accomodate this. it probably no longer has 12.5:1 compression, for instance.

that doesn't mean the engine doesn't accomodate boost well in na form, though. it has dual vvt, direct injection, great modern combustion chamber design, and lots of other stuff that make it a great engine. i think it's awesome that people are driving around on 400whp boosted fa20's without issues, even if it's only for a while. people who want more will build their engines, but if you're going that far you're probably building an engine regardless of what you start with.
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