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Originally Posted by steve99 View Post
OK my trick with definitions only works with OFT roms as their A03N tunes are actually based on A01G roms

you could just use A01G in your car as a substitute for the A03N rom.

There are no romraider definitions for genuine A03N roms

however easier to just use ecutek if you have it

Ecutek has all the tables you need in the A03N they are just called different names

The idle overun tables you want are called

"Ignition Timing Idle" there is about 6 tables defined more than romraider in A01G they are under Ignition timing folder in ecutek they are fully defined so just edit your A03N rom in ecutek
Thank you for your reply!
ecutek prevents me from flashing the A01G.
If I flash the A01G with ecuflash, I will lose the ecutek license.
Is there a way to transplant the rr definition of A01G to 03N?
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