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OFT Stg2+e85 v4.03 on stock car Many Questions

Hi all,

My 2016 Fr-s is stock (besides catback exhaust). I've tuned it with OFT, and used the only available off-the-shelf tune for e85: Stg2+e85 v4.03.

For some reason, on the screen that shows information like LTFT, Current RPM, etc, it shows Boost. Is it normal for it to show Boost numbers on a stock car?

Because I have stock headers, is it best for me to use this catch-all e85 tune, or would the car run more efficiently on one of the previously available e85 tunes that were specifically for EL headers?

Also, the OFT read my ECU CalCode as a MY15 FRS instead of MY16, and only lets me tune with MY15 tunes. Prob not a big deal.
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