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Originally Posted by Raiderboy66 View Post
Just installed a Borla catback and love it but I’m getting a very heavy vibration mid vehicle when I accelerate after just starting it up. Generally goes away once I have been driving for 15 minutes or so. Sounds like a woodpecker is in my car. Shop said exhaust was very very close to frame with no wiggle room for adjustments. Found a few cases on the internet complaining of same thing. I’ve emailed Borla and I’m waiting to hear back from them. Thoughts ? Solutions ? 2015 BRZ.
Raiderboy66, welcome to the forum -

Allow me to introduce you to Bubba.

Along the lines of what ol @Yoshoobaroo suggested, Bubba says just to take a crowbar and pry the exhaust piece away from where it's hitting the frame and "wire it over".

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