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Originally Posted by Mark99es View Post
Hi everyone! I am new to the FRS. I just purchased a 2013. I am prepping it for C-Street. I am not new to autocross but I am very new to this car and class. I just ordered some wheels and looking st tire options. I have always been in the theory wider is better which I know may not be the car but was wondering if anyone has tries the RE71 245/40/17? Reading this looks like some have just making sure that they fit. I am looking at the clearance and with the factory offset wheel a wider tire would be getting very close to the shock. Right now my car has all stock suspension but I will be putting OFS Koni's and and the TRD stuff on the car. Thanks for the advice and I look forward meeting some of you all in the future.

Mark McCrary
Great! Another fast driver for CS!

Was good to see you and Robert driving at Nats in the well set up Carpenter/Eley 99 Miata Sport. Hope to see you at the SE events. Our region is in the process of getting a National Tour next year at Hoover Met in Birmingham. We will have a couple more events this year if you get a chance to attend.

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