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45k miles on the car.

They were non-committal on the mechanism of the rod bearing failure “it’s a known issue with this engine”. Stated that they didn’t believe it could directly attributed to the recall work.

I was told multiple times that “Toyota will contact you” so I thought I would have a chance to plead my case with them. When I attempted to contact them I was referred to the PR person at the dealer who gave me back to the service manager.

I was hopeful that the labor would be included since the short block was deemed to be covered under the powertrain warranty. At that point though, I just wanted my car back and understood that I was going to be stuck writing a check no matter whether or not Toyota covered the labor.

The whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth, but I get that all parties probably share some responsibility in paying for the failure. I drove the car for several years putting some wear on the bearing. Toyota donated a $6800 short block with a one year warranty. The dealership discounted their labor and gave me a rental for a month (but also probably compromised oil flow to the rod bearing in the first place).

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