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Jackson Racing, Patience has run out

They say patience is a virtue, well I guess I will fall out of that category.

Early 2017 - Purchase a Jackson Racing NA oil cooler for my 2017PP BRZ. At that time nowhere on any website did it state that the oil cooler would not fit on the manual 2017 PP cars.
I contacted Jackson Racing and they said they would be coming out with a fix "soon".
Over the course of the next 10 months I patiently waited for the fix. Then early March comes along and they update the radiator/oil cooler combination to fit the PP cars. I think great finally they have the parts.
Email them and get they will have the NA cooler out soon and parts will be available when it comes out.
So being patient I wait, and behold March 29th the updated oil cooler comes out and I think, great I can finally get this installed and ready for track season.

I anxiously emailed asking which parts changed so I could get the changed parts, obviously I don't need the whole new set up, considering I already paid for the paperweight that is on my work bench.

Nothing, not a word. No responses. I even tried via David at Counterspace Garage as I was working with him on something else and they couldn't even get an answer from Jackson.

So here I am with a $700 paper weight, new track season upon us up here in the Northeast and I cannot even get a response from them.

I am not even trying to get something free or return for my money back, I will pay for the changed parts just so I can have it functional on my car, but not a sound.

I think 10 months of being strung along is enough, and warrants a negative post against Jackson Racing.
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