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Originally Posted by 86click View Post
•What can I do to the car to get 300-350whp?
•Turbo or Super charger with e85?
•Do I need rebuild the engine with internal upgrades before going FI?
•What parts I should get?
Fuel injectors, fuel pump, rebuilt transmission, Ect.
Turbo or supercharger is mostly personal preference, either one is capable of getting you to that number. I think a turbo is going to be a lot easier to make big HP numbers with, but a supercharger will be simpler and cheaper (and personally I like the way they drive better than most turbo cars).

Stock internals are generally fine up to 300-350ish. If you want to go any further than that it's going to take some beefing up. Trans will be ok up to about 300ft lb of torque at which point you need to start worrying about grenading fourth gear.

Dual oil catch cans and upgraded radiator should be considered necessary. Stock fueling system will get you to around 300whp but I think beyond that you will need to worry about pump and injectors.
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