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Originally Posted by Ultramaroon View Post
OP, are you saying it didn't leak at all when you took it in for the wheel bearing, and now it leaks like crazy? Like others have asked, from where is it leaking. If it's NOT the engine, then don't drive it back. Have it trailered because the transmission and diff don't have a convenient way to check oil level. If it's from the engine, then as long as you know there's oil on the dipstick, and it sounds normal, it's probably safe to drive a short distance.


Thanks for your replies. It is from the engine. The guy I take it to is in Markham, I'm in Mississauga. I took it to him as many on this forum liked him. I am taking it to a dealership tomorrow in Milton, I know the manager very well there and it's closer to me.

For the record, I baby this FRS as it's my only car. Yes it is at 211,000 km but the only issues I had with it until now were noisy wheel bearing, which were just fixed. Other than that, it's the usual - brake, oil changes, spark plug change, etc. I always oil change it 1000 km before it's due and only put premium in it.

So after this guy at IGarage repaired it I am surprised to see a leak.
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